(60-min, U.P. S$235.40)

Energy Massage Therapy



One session of energy massage therapy is equivalent to 6 hours of exercise.


Using a detox ampoule, we activate 2 key energy centres to facilitate energy flow. They are:

  1. Solar Plexus: The centre of our energy which radiates vital life energy throughout our entire body.
  2. Crown Energy Point: Situated at the top of the head and governs the nervous system and pituitary gland which regulates vital body functions and general wellbeing.  

Energy Massage Therapy provides energy infusion into our body systems by combining energy ingredients (eg: tourmaline cream) and precise massage techniques. Your body enjoys physical vitality by taking in energy and distributing it through its internal energy system to the entire body. This energetic balance supports good health and a sense of well-being.

Crown Energy Point

Solar Plexus

Hectic modern lifestyles got us stressed up and weary — both digitally and in real life. Energy Massage Therapy is designed to relieve stress symptoms and elevate energy level.

Energy centres are located all over our body and are connected to our physical organs. When the energy supply to these bodily systems is disrupted, our organs and systems are vulnerable to disease and injury. Keeping this energy system in balance is crucial for health.

Releases endorphins

Helps with the quality of sleep

Helps manage stress

Trains the heart to work more efficiently, getting more oxygen to the brain and other organs


Energy Massage Therapy



Light Exercises


Lymphatic Drainage


As muscles tighten due to injury or stress, waste products and toxins are retained in body. These causes tightness, fatigue and pain in your muscles. Energy massage naturally stimulates lymphatic draining that flushes out these toxins.

Physically breaks down adhesions formed in muscles due to tension and helps to realign the muscle fibres while it dissipates. This release restores movement and increases flexibility.

The massage therapist assists the body in moving the lymph, stimulating blood circulation that speed up delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles, tendons and ligaments. As such, it enables the body to increase its range of motion dramatically.


Detox Ampoule

Rapidly removes excess water in the body, improves lymphatic system and blood circulation while supplying various vital nutrients.

Energy Cream

A source of energy, this cream channels electrical energies into the one’s being creating a flow of wholesome energy to all parts of the body for physical and mental health. Aids in detoxification and health rejuvenation.

Infra Moxi Massage 

Uses waves of energy that penetrate deep into the inner tissues, muscles and bones of the body to stimulate healing. 

Our technique uses varying rhythms, pressures, and massage strokes to create energy transference.


Elements Wellness is has excellent professional Therapist especially Lisa Xue she has great skills to easy and eliminate your back pains, frozen shoulders. I have been Elements Wellness customer for more than five years. excellent wellness services.

5 stars🤗

Christopher Fernandes

(Elements Wellness)


Love spa Symphony, all of their massage therapists are very good. I never request a particular therapist as they’re all good. I usually don’t like the concept of packages. But am happy to renew my package here as it’s such great value.

Jann Mazzoletti Muir

(Spa Symphony)

Eased all my sores and pain, great service too! Never heard of energy massage before but am so glad to have tried this, the trial price is reasonable for a quality massage as well.

Edwin Chan 

(Spa Infinity)

Our trial prices for first-time promotions do not have any hidden charges. However, there might be additional costs if you would like to do top ups for your treatments (on optional basis).

Are there any hidden costs?

Our trial promotions are valid for clients aged 21 years and above, Singaporeans, PRs, EP and SP Holders, who have not visited Elements Wellness/Spa Infinity in the last 18 months. Valid for existing package holders (one-time redemption).

Am I eligible for this promotion?

We may recommend packages but there is no obligation and entirely at your discretion.

Will I be pressured into buying of packages?

Clients will experience warming sensation that radiates along a specific pathway (usually corresponding with the energy channel that is being treated). This process is a painless thermal stimulation and is non-invasive.

How does the infra moxibustion therapy feel like? Is it painful?


There's no downtime for this massage therapy, however, some individuals may experience small red dots due to internal body dampness. These dots will subside within a week. Be rest assured that our consultants will go through a detailed body analysis prior to your treatment to evaluate and determine if you’re suitable. 

Any downtime and side effects?


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  • Valid for customers aged 21 years and above, Singaporeans, PRs, EP and SP Holders, who have not visited Elements Wellness/Spa Infinity in the last 18 months. Valid for existing package holders who have not tried service before.
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Energy Massage Therapy (60-min)

Optional Top-ups:

Jacuzzi Facility

(20-min at Spa Infinity)

$98.44 nett

Weekend/PH surcharge

Couple Massage Treatment Room

*subject to availability

$21.40 nett/pax

$21.40 nett/pax

$21.40 nett

Private Jacuzzi session

(40-min at Elements 313)

$72.76 nett (1pax) / $94.16 nett (2pax)

Private Koyamaki Onsen Therapy

(40-min at Elements Centrepoint)

$72.76 nett (1pax) / $94.16 nett (2pax)

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